Microbore system is usually found in property's that are built in the nineties to present. it has two or more manifolds that feed radiators through 10mm or 12mm plastic pipework or older systems in copper. The best way to see if you have microbore is hold a pencil to the pipe work at the radiator and if same thickness then you have a microbore system.    

With this type of system you need to know what you are doing. Its a little harder to work with and the process takes a little longer then the normal size pipework. We have all the knowledge & machinery to handle microbore.

Typical faults that a power flush will cure:

Clears cold spots within the radiators, unblock pipework, regain the full flow to radiators and quieten boiler noise. Cold spots in radiators or radiators not working at all no heat.

Also remember when fitting a new boiler you must have the system power flushed before new boiler is fitted. This will invalid your warranty if no power flush is done.

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