Combination Boiler ( Combi Boiler)

With a combination boiler you do not have cold water storage or hot water cylinder. Just a combi boiler on the wall.


The problems we see a lot of with the combi boiler is the hot water fluctuates hot and cold or no hot water at all and boiler lockout's. 

99% of time it is the DHW plate to plate heat exchanger (secondary heat exchanger), blocked with debris from the heating system.Power flushing will clear all the debris & sludge from the system and we can regain the hot water back at the taps without replacing boiler parts. 

Typical faults that a power flush will cure:

No hot water, Boiler lockout or breakdowns, loud banging noise's from boiler & boiler overheats and goes into fault mode. Cold spots in radiators or radiators not working at all no heat.

Also remember when fitting a new boiler you must have the system power flushed before new boiler is fitted. This will invalid your warranty if no power flush is done.

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