Central Heating Powerflush

What is Central Heating Powerflush?

When it comes to central heating, it is easy to forget that every component of our systems, from boiler to radiator needs maintenance from time to time. Corrosion, sludge, and scale buildup over time can cause disruption to heat and airflow, as well as break down of the entire heating system.


That is where central heating powerflush comes in. This highly technical process requires professional heating engineers. Your certified engineer will first check your system to ensure you really do need the central heating powerflush. Once the system is diagnosed, it will be flushed with chemicals to remove corrosive materials such as sludge and scale. A water test will confirm the cleanliness of the system, and your heating engineers will then recommission the system and check that it functions properly—and even better than before the central heating powerflush.


How do you know if you need powerflush for your central heating system? Some indicators that your system isn’t functioning at full capacity include a clanking or rattling sound coming from your radiator, insufficient heating in certain rooms, partially cold radiators, or an unexpected increase in heating bills.


The central heating powerflush deals with each one of these problems by removing the buildup that is preventing the system from functioning properly. It can improve the efficiency of your system by 25%, as well as increase the lifespan of your system components. In many cases, insurance carriers require powerflush before they will replace any damaged or aged components.


Do you think you may need a central heating powerflush? If your system is exhibiting any issues—from inefficiency to strange sounds—it is time to extend the lifetime of your central heating with powerflush. Contact our heating engineers today to schedule your powerflush appointment and get your heating system back to its full potential.

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